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About Our Rosaries

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Every Rosary is Created with Love.

At Sanctum Forum we create each one of our rosaries by hand, with love and special attention to detail.

We love to use the most naturally beautiful stones that we can find, and we understand that in today’s secular world many gemstones are used with the belief that they have magical healing properties.

We stand firm in the belief that the use of crystals and gemstones for healing or magic is a sacrilegious pagan belief.

We use gemstones simply for their God-given beauty and nothing else.

Our rosaries and the stones and crystals used to create them are not intended for magical, mystical healing, or therapeutic purposes. They are not jewelry, and not intended for use as such.

Our rosaries are created for the sole purpose of prayer and meditation on the 4 mysteries, and the chaplets recognized by the Catholic Church.

The Design Process

We design each rosary to be unique and beautiful. We begin with the centerpiece, match it to a crucifix and then decide which stones or crystals will complement the saint, medal, or icon featured in the centerpiece. Every rosary is designed with attention and purpose.


Our rosaries are created to be heirloom pieces, meaning they are meant to last a lifetime and beyond. We take care to use metals that will last without rusting or breaking. Our unique crafting process ensures that each stone or crystal is linked securely to the next, leaving no room for tangles or broken pieces. However, if you have an accident with your rosary simply send it to us for a free repair.

Ethically Sourced

We select our gemstones for their natural beauty and ethical sourcing. We source our stones from resources where we can be sure that the stones were gathered by workers who are paid a fair living wage. This includes all workers at every stage in the supply chain.


Your friends at Sanctum Forum

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