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8 Easy Steps for Learning to Pray the Rosary

The Rosary is a set of prayers that strengthen us in many ways throughout our spiritual journey. The rosary can truly be prayed in any way you see fit, but it does have a proper way (passed down by the Vatican) to be prayed. The proper way to pray the rosary consists of 5 prayers.

The Apostles Creed

The Hail Mary

The Lords Prayer

The Glory Be

Hail Holy Queen Mary

And, depending upon the day of the week, there are various mysteries to focus on. The best way to pray the rosary is to memorize the prayers, as well as the mysteries.

Learning to pray the rosary properly will take a good amount of time and persistence, but it can be done.

Here are some tips that will help you memorize the prayers faster.

1. Write them down

The best way to memorize a prayer is by writing it down. Take a few days and try to write each pray of the rosary 3 times each. When you write them down, be sure to focus on what you're writing. Make a conscious effort to memorize the words as you write them.

2. Pray them daily

Make an effort to say the prayers of the rosary on a daily basis. Daily repetition will help you to quickly memorize the prayers.

3. Say them out loud

Some people pray quietly within their spirit, while others pray aloud. Some do both, depending on the situation. When you are attempting to learn a prayer by heart, it is best to say the prayer out loud. When you hear yourself saying the words out loud you're reinforcing learning.

4. Ask for the Holy Spirit

God, our Father, told us in Matthew 7:7 to ask and we shall receive. He tells us again in Matthew 21:22 that we simply must have faith and whatever we ask will be given to us. When you want to learn the rosary and learn it well don't be afraid to pray about that too. Go ahead and ask in prayer that you may easily learn the prayers of the rosary.

5. Practice Patience

Be patient with yourself. If it takes you weeks or even months to learn all the prayers of the rosary, then so be it. Enjoy the process, acknowledge your growth, and be patient with yourself.

6. Meditate on it

Meditation is a powerful tool. It aids in learning and relaxes the mind. Meditate on the prayer and imagine what the prayer may look like if it were on Youtube or on a big screen movie. For example, if you are focusing on memorizing the Hail Mary prayer you might create some images to meditate on such as these...

Hail Mary full of grace: Imagine yourself falling to your knees before the beautiful blessed Mother.

The Lord is with thee: Imagine the Blessed Mother standing in heaven with her son, our Father.

and so on.

7. Listen before bed

Practicing, and studying before bed has been proven time and again to aid in memorization and learning. A great way to memorize a prayer is to listen to it on repeat shortly before bed or even as you drift off to sleep. An easy way to achieve this is to record yourself reading the prayer that you would like to memorize, and then listen to it on repeat while you prepare for bed.

8. Practice with Loved ones

Make prayer learning a social thing, and get your loved ones involved. If you want to learn the Glory Be prayer, get your children, siblings, or spouse involved. Make it a group effort to learn it. You will be encouraged by one another and memorize it much quicker than trying at it alone.

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